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Spandex Bin Covers (Dye-Sublimated)

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All TrashWorks Wrap bin covers are manufactured from the finest fabrics and decorated with high performance UV resistant inks and graphics. We can work from your design, or layout, or create one for you. Be creative and let us do the work for you.

Printed Spandex Bin Covers Trash Can Covers Outdoor Event Display, using space like never before! Bring excitement to your Events

TrashWorks Wrap Bin Covers are fast becoming a best-selling product for their ability to use advertising and branding space that is rarely used!. Promotional Bin Covers are made of the highest quality 100% stretch polyester that hug existing trash bins and display your logo, brand or message. This amazing covers add color to your display, helping personalize containers and making something ugly, like a trash can, an opportunity to promote your message. 

Made out of 100% polyester , Bin Covers are printed with a dye sublimation process that makes the graphics permanent on the fabric making the cover easy to maintain and washable. The graphics will not crack, peel, or scratch; because of the stretch the cover will be wrinkle free.
TrashWorks Wrap Bin Covers Trash Can Covers following features
Made out of 100% polyester 
For use at indoor and outdoor events
Graphics will not crack, peel, or scratch;
No tools necessary for set-up