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We only accept these file formats: JPG and PDF (single page) 

Please make sure your artwork size is the same exact size of your order. Also,do not include any bleed or crop marks.

We accept JPG and single page PDF. We suggest 150 dpi resolution at 100% of the final print size.  Also do not include any bleed or crop marks

File Specifications:- Flatten all Objects/Gradients/Swatches/Symbols/Special Effects/Transparencies- Outline all text-  Flattened PDF (Single Page) or JPEG  file types only- Remove all crop marks/bleed otherwise they will be printed- File must be the same exact size as what is ordered (exception is Gallery wrap Fold Edge and Products with templates)-  CMYK only  (we do not print Pantone/5th/Spot/RGB)-  150 dpi- If using a template, the file uploaded to our site should match the exact "template size" (different than "graphic size").- Do not scale template files, just flatten them and save at 150 dpi- Files over 200" can be scaled- Under 300 mb for upload

***Remove EVERYTHING from your file that you do not want printed on the final product  - especially  hidden layers and template guidelines.

- Make sure all objects are embedded and flattened (we do not print Non-Native Art).

- If the file is made in Indesign, please flatten the file in Illustrator or Photoshop and export to a JPEG ONLY as we don't recommend using Indesign at our facility.

- If using Compound Paths to create transparencies/shapes, please completely rasterize or flatten them into the file or they may print incorrectly.

- We do not have specific measurements for Panel jobs. If you are printing in Panels, please make sure you are providing a minimum of 1" overlay in your files.Template set up (general directions):- Design on a layer on top of our template- Once the design is made, delete the entire layer that includes the blue space/text/guidelines we provide or else they will be printed- Flatten all objects/transparencies/gradients/swatches and outline all text- Save the file as a flattened PDF or JPEG full size at 150 dpi- The size of the file uploaded to the website should be exactly the same size as the template was provided, including the artboard (white) space in the file+ Our template is used as a guide or reference to show general placement of logos/graphic elements+ We print on white material, if you leave an area blank it will print white+ For Advertising Flags, leave a safety margin of at least 2" from all edges to prevent text from being cut off/hemmed over.If you have any questions about file set-ups, please contact us.

Yes. Just like transparencies, hidden layers in artwork can have unpredictable results when printed. These results are not always visible in previews. We highly suggest that you remove any layers, objects, and effects that are not meant to appear in the final graphic or you may flatten the artwork or submit as a jpeg.

No bleed or crop marks.  Make your artwork match the size requested on the order.  We are not responsible for crop marks or registration printed.

NO.  Instead, please ensure that all fonts are outlined prior to file upload.  If you are using Photoshop, please provide flattened file only.

Raster-based artwork such as photos or flattened artwork (from Adobe Photoshop) are made up of tiny squares (pixels), and depending on your resolution and/or final output size desired, the file could have a low quality end result.  Any raster elements you wish to use should have a high enough resolution (DPI) before considering them for your large format product.

Vector-based artwork such as illustrations or clip-art style elements (from Adobe Illustrator) is made with mathematical calculations, and can be scaled up to any size without losing quality.  Keep in mind that any effects used in Adobe Illustrator are raster-based and have transparency:  this greatly adds to file size and you must have correct settings in your "Document Raster Effects Settings" to ensure best output for these effects.  If you are doing a photo-quality print on a 36" x 48" poster, and leave the raster effects settings at default 72 DPI - you may see tiny squares in your drop shadows, as opposed to a smooth shadow.

No. Encrypted PDF files may result in a misprint or your order being placed on hold. Please make sure all PDFs submitted are not encrypted, all fonts are outlined and all images are embedded.

Pre-Production images will only be provided upon request from distributor/customer

Pre-production image will be produced within 24 business hours after virtual proof approval

For apparel orders 1-99 in quantity:

-Virtual print ready file must be approved first.

-The fee for each of the pre-production images is the cost for one piece 

For apparel orders 100+ quantities:

-Virtual print ready file must be approved first.

-The first pre-production image is free

-Each additional pre-production image will incur a fee of the cost for one piece

Virtual Samples - Free

Virtual Samples are a great way to visualize a client’s design on our products. We can take your client’s logo, brand colors, and design elements and put it on any of our products, giving you the edge you may need to win the job! 

Please note that this is a free service with two complimentary revisions (any revisions beyond this will come with a $25 charge). Please also note that Virtual Samples are for presentation purposes only and cannot be submitted as print-ready artwork. If your client does proceed with placing an order, you will need to provide us with hi-resolution and / or vector art files. 

(see our artwork guidelines).

Time Saver Bundle - $35


If you have high resolution / vector artwork but don’t have the time to lay it out using our templates, we can help! The Soardist Time Saver Bundle includes the creation of Virtual Samples, Proofs, and Print-Ready Art Files. If we run into any issues with the artwork, we will make sure that you are aware before the order is produced so that a decision can be made on whether to submit new art or print as is.


Time Saver Bundle + Design - $65 / Hour

If your client doesn’t have high resolution / vector artwork available, leave it to us! This option includes all of the perks of the Soardist Time Saver Bundle, but with layout and design assistance as well. We will:-Conceptualize a design for you based on your specifications and/or brand guidelines (if applicable)-Redraw / rework logos so that they are print-ready-Search stock image sites for high-res images to include in your designPlease note that this Bundle comes with a minimum charge of 1 hour. You will be notified prior to the continuation of the project if additional time is required.Please click on the link below and fill out the request form with as much information as you can. Depending on our request volume, we should have your request completed and emailed back to you within one business day.

we Will charge $25 per order for color matching

We use CMYK printers to create these graphics. Because of this, 100% reproduction of defined colors is not possible.

When colors are critical:

Differences between colors in the printed banner and original file can occur at many different stages. Because of the variations

in different output and viewing devices we are unable to accept color variation as a reason for complaints unless all of the fol-

lowing guidelines are followed:

- Indicate Pantone values for all critical colors.

- A layered version of the file must be included

- When this is provided we will try our best to match required colors. Again, because we use CMYK printers to create

these graphics 100% reproduction of defined colors is not possible.

- In addition, banner finished with extra 100GSM matt coating does also affect the final result.

Without all of the above information, color deviations as a reason for complaints will not be accepted

Please Note: We only accept one artwork per product.

Double Sided products will allow for the upload of two graphics, one per side. 

Event Tent Canopies will allow for the upload of four graphics, one per side. 

**Please do not upload ZIP files or PDF’s with multiple pages as a hold may be placed on your order. Production delays may result.

Yes, you need to upload each different design and or size for apparel item.

Examples; Same design with multiple sizes.

Multiple designs with different sizes.

We are not responsible for customer's roster design.

Paper-Transfer Dye Sublimation

Paper-transfer dye sublimation is a great way to print photorealistic images to fabric. Aqueous ink is imbedded into a layer of coating on the transfer paper, which is then applied to polyester fabric. With heat and pressure, the ink permanently becomes part of the fabric. Dye sublimation is ideal for table throws, flags, fabric displays, event tents and more.

Disclaimer: You have given permission to us to use the artwork/design requested for production. The customer guarantees that they have permission to use the authorized work and he (she) has the right to authorize us regarding the Artwork/Design. The customer also guarantees that the authorized contents do not breach intellectual property rights of any third person. We will not be held liable for any breach of proprietary rights. I have reviewed and agree to the above terms and conditions, and certify my compliance with my artwork approval.

If your artwork contains custom swatches, these will not be guaranteed for color output and will be printed as-is. Please also note that printing graphics on multiple materials will not be guaranteed for a perfect match

Quark, Corel Draw, Word, Power Point, Excel, Publisher, Pagemaker, low resolution scanned images and InDesign files, unless exported to an .eps or .pdf format, will incur additional art charges or be rejected.

At this time,  we only accept one artwork file per job. Please create one job per artwork you intend to submit.